Negotiating With Nature


Filmmaker: Stefan van Norden
Film: Negotiating with Nature
Locations: Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, VT | Arsenal Gallery, Central Park, NY
Screenings: Saturday, April 14th, 7pm | Thursday, May 3rd, 6pm

Compelling and deeply human, documentary film Negotiating With Nature (58 min) examines how the widening disconnect with nature is shaping our lives from many perspectives. Directed by gardener and independent filmmaker Stefan van Norden, the documentary explores how both rural and urban gardens hold an important place on our planet. Featuring iconic American landmarks like Central ParkThe High Line, and Mount Vernon Estate, the film journeys from country to city to unearth “resonant inter-connections between a person and the land,” as described by expert green author Annie Bond. From Nature Deficit Disorder to the electronic revolution, few topics are left uncovered, posing tough questions that aim for constructive dialogue and progressive action.