Shades of Morna

Joe Wuerfel ,  Cesária Évora ,  Theater in Paris , 2010, digital c-print, dimensions variable

Joe Wuerfel, Cesária Évora, Theater in Paris, 2010, digital c-print, dimensions variable

Artist: Joe Wuerfel
Curators: Lisa Hames DeBourcy + Heather Zises
Location: Cinema de Praia + Pestana Tropo Hotel, Praia, Cape Verde, West Africa
Dates: April 8-12 + May 15 - June 30, 2014

Sabura Art & Design launched its debut project with the grand opening and inaugural exhibition entitled Shades of Morna. Produced by Lisa Faye Hames, and co curated by Hames and Heather Zises, the exhibition presented a visual celebration of musicians and dancers of Cape Verde, West Africa with a selection of photographs by Joe Wuerfel and objects by local artisans. The exhibition's namesake celebrates the Cape Verdean psyche and expresses snapshots of Cape Verdean moments that form a gestalt for the viewer that permeates music and rhythm. Predominantly featured throughout the exhibition are compelling portraits of Cesária Évora, whose musical legacy encompassed poignant and lilting ballads, and transported mornas from the West African archipelago to a worldwide audience.